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My very first BLOG POST ⭐️

G’day friends, I’m Kate, & Welcome to 'Blog By Kate’!

I'm going to get straight to the point & kick things off with telling you a little about me and what you can expect to read & learn from ‘Blog by Kate’.

  1. I LOVE coffee & seriously can’t get through a day without one…or two, sometimes three

  2. I ’m a Professional Dancer/ Teacher/ Choreographer & have been dancing well over 20 years (well that makes me feel a tad old)

  3. I ’m a brand new dog mom to a Dachshund/ Lab mix puppy named Bowie

  4. My partner in crime of 8 years asked me to marry him a couple months ago and we are (finally) engaged!

  5. I uprooted my life and moved from Australia, my home town, to Los Angeles over 3 years ago to chase my dreams…and let’s be honest, I fell in love.

  6. I’m the middle child of 5, so I’m very good at sharing

  7. Sushi, Thai food & Poke bowls are my absolute favorite things to eat!

  8. I’ve lived in India, China, on Cruise Ships and currently reside in Los Angeles.

This blog is for dancers, dance teachers, Industry professionals, dance mom’s & dads, coffee enthusiasts, wedding lovers, friends, new friends, old friends and any one in-between.

After reading my blog post's I want you to have laughed, learned something, gained some helpful tips & leave feeling inspired to get on with your day!


'Blog By Kate' will be filled with

  • Zoom dance teaching tricks

  • Dance, teaching, choreography + Industry advice

  • My professional dance career highlights

  • Home office DIY + Tips

  • Work from home productivity tips

  • All things wedding planning 👰🏼🤵🏻

  • Puppy spam

  • Living abroad

  • My life and home-quarantine adventures (or lack of 🙈)

& much, much more!


Thats all for now folks.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for visiting! Don't be a stranger and follow me @kate.newham

xx Kate

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