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ONLINE Holiday Dance Class Ideas 🎄 ⭐️

As we approach the last few weeks of the year, finding the energy to get through the holiday dance season can be a little daunting.

Coming up with new/ fresh ideas, finding holiday music for all ages, keeping your students engaged through a computer screen after 9+ months, having the energy & patience while your class numbers are dwindling...and the list goes on!

So, here are 6 Online Holiday Inspired Dance Class Ideas!



It is definitely not a quick and easy task to find appropriate music for all your classes, ages, levels and styles....SO, I've done it for you!

⬇️ Take a look at my holiday inspired dance playlists below ⬇️

Click on the link to be taken to the Spotify Playlist's:

1) Holiday - Ballet class

2)Holiday - Tap Class

3) Holiday - Jazz Class

4) Holiday - Musical Theatre Class

5) Holiday - Lyrical Class

6) Holiday - Hip-Hop Class

7) Holiday - Young Children's Class



These are a simple, easy and a creative way to keep your students engaged!

Use a zoom background for the beginning of your class, for a special song or dance combination.

They are also great if you are planning on having a virtual recital, performance or end of year dance party! The options are really endless.

⬇️ Download my Holiday inspired ZOOM BACKGROUNDS below ⬇️

1) Christmas Zoom Backgrounds

2) Hanukkah Zoom Backgrounds

3) Winter Wonderland Zoom Backgrounds



You can never go wrong with a coloring page!

Coloring pages are so versatile and really do translate to a range of ages.

And yes, I've made it easy for you again...

⬇️ Download my holiday dance inspired coloring pages below ⬇️

1) Christmas Dance Coloring Pages

2) Hanukkah Dance Coloring Pages

3) Winter Dance Coloring Pages

4) Thanksgiving Dance Coloring Pages (be prepared for next year)



Use these fun holiday dance games for a brain break or a follow along song to keep everyone engaged.

Teaching dance on zoom is absolutely nothing like teaching in real life. So do what you have to do to help your students learn, have fun and stay focused all at the same time!

NUMBER ONE: The Nutcracker Freeze Game

- Pick one of your favorite songs form the Nutcracker

- Make up as many poses as you like representing some characters from the Nutcracker Ballet

- Every time you pause the music say a characters name

- All students must try to remember what pose matches each Nutcracker character and pose as such

eg. Sugar Plum Fairy = 1st Arabesque,

The Nutcracker = Stand straight and tall etc.

NUMBER TWO: The Christmas Action Song

- And easy way to get your students to focus and listen

- Follow along to each move & add in your own in between

- Clap

- Twirl

- Jump

- Stretch etc.

NUMBER THREE: The North Pole Freeze Game

- Another fun and easy follow along, freeze dance

- Follow along and dance like the North Pole Characters

- Skate like a Penguin

- Ski like Santa

- Jingle bell hop

- Run like gingerbread

- Twist like candy canes

There is also a YouTube follow along video I have linked here. Share you screen with your students and play the game at the same time! YouTube North Pole Freeze Game

NUMBER FOUR: The Winter Hokey Pokey

The same outline as the "normal" hokey pokey, but winter instead it's a Winter/ Christmas theme

- Put your right & left mittens in

- Next you put your right boot & left boots in

- Put your winter hat & long scarf in

- Finally your snow suit (your whole self)



This is something I would do occasionally in class time, but have loved incorporating it into most of my online classes this year.

⬇️ Here's a list and links to some my favorite videos that I show my online students ⬇️

1) Toddler Ballet/ Preschool Ballet - Winter Hokey Pokey

2) The Nutcracker - Sugar Plum Pa De Deux Variation (The Royal Ballet)

3) The Nutcracker - The Waltz of the Snowflakes (The Royal Ballet)

4) Lyrical Inspiration (Expressenz Dance Center)

5) BTS from Frozen, Hamilton & more on broadway

6) Frozen Free Dance & Sing A-long

7) Olaf's Frozen Adventure & Sing A-long

8) Jingle Bell Rock - Follow A-long song & dance (Little Action Kids)



Again, this is something that normally I did not take advantage of during our "normal" in-person dance classes, however, I now take the time to let my dancers have a water break and 5 mins of story time.

Story time does not need to mean just for your youngest dancer. You can really accommodate this time and not only use it for a quick mid-class break, but to educate your students in the style or piece you are woking on.

⬇️ Here is a list of my favorite Holiday dance books below ⬇️ (not in any particular order)

1) The Story Orchestra- The Nutcracker - Illustrated by Jessica Courtney-Tickle

2) Mia's Nutcracker Ballet - by Robin Farley

3) The Snow Dancer - by Addie Boswell

4) Dancing In The Wings - by Debbie Allen

5) The Nutcracker - A Babylit Dancing Primer - by Jennifer Adams

6) The Nutcracker - by The New York City Ballet

7) Grover's Eighteenths Nights of Light (Sesame Street) - by Jodie Shepard


If you have any questions/ would like custom zoom backgrounds, coloring pages, playlists or would like more book recommendations, please reach out to ⭐️


Thats all for now folks.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for visiting! Don't be a stranger and follow me @kate.newham

xx Kate

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