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Welcome back to #BlogByKate.

If I could, I'd send you a virtual oat milk latte on the house, just for popping by! ☕️

Today's blog post is all about good old fashioned FLASH CARDS and I'm inviting you on this journey with me. So get ya tickets while ya still can!

SIDE NOTE: If I did have tickets to give out I would totally hole punch them just like the guy on The Polar Express does! #isitchristmasyet #12weeksuntilchristmas


I have never really used flash cards in all my years of teaching, but think we have now developed a longing friendship.

You can DIY your life away and simply write anything you like on a piece of paper and hold it up to your screen and make a quiz or game out of it!

SIDE NOTE: Play some game show music from Spotify for dramatic effect.

Check out my ZOOM GAMESHOW MUSIC 2020 playlist here!

I like to be super over dramatic and get my students to put their hands on their heads if they know the answer and then demonstrate the move or tell me what it means if it is related to dance terminology.

You really can get as creative as you like!

Write down anything from animals, colors, numbers, musicals, to dance terminology and rhythms.

At the end of the day, you my friend, will too find a new or rekindled love for FLASH CARDS!

So let's jump right in!




You can use plain A4 paper/ anything you have lying around the house OR If you have any cardboard in the recycling bin, reuse that sh*t!

I had some old notebooks from Target lying around and some office A4 paper.

Cut your ZOOM FLASH CARDS into strips:

1) So the are smaller and easier to store

2) So they are about the length of the computer screen so your students can read them properly! 👓




These are your flash card ingredients.

It really doesn't matter what you use, as long as the colors you choose are BOLD enough for your text to stand out on your screen while teaching. 💻




I am proud to admit I LOVE COLORING IN, and I feel like it's something that most of us "adults" don't do nearly often enough.

You can write whatever you need on your flash cards!

For Example; For my older students in Ballet class I like to write the French name of the step on the front of the flash card, and the meaning of that particular step on the back of the card.

Here are some examples of what I do for some of the styles I teach:

BALLET: Plié (front side of card) To bend (back side of card)

JAZZ: Pirouette (front side of card) To turn (back side of card)

TAP: Maxi Ford (front side of card) Step, Shuffle, Leap, Toe (back side of card)

MUSICAL THEATRE: SONG = Somewhere over the rainbow (front side of card) MUSICAL = Wizard of OZ (back side of card)

You can really write anything you want/ need! The sky is the limit 🌤


Over the past 6 months, teaching over 25+ hours a week on ZOOM, I've learnt that sometimes you just need to take it back to basics!

I think this year will change the way we teach for life! Never will I ever take advantage of teaching my students mask free and not through my laptop screen ever again! In times like these, any little bit of creativity helps and will help your students, more than you know!

Enjoy your FLASH CARD MAKING & I hope your students love them, engage and play along as much as my students do!


If you have any questions/ would like some custom FLASH CARDS made for your classes, reach out to ⭐️


Thats all for now folks.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for visiting! Don't be a stranger and follow me @kate.newham

xx Kate

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