I was singing in the shower this moring with excitement to finally release this NEW PRODUCT!


I've scoured the big wide web for a Singing Audition specific checklist and couldn't find a single thing!


So, I decided to create my own.


Being a middle child, I'm a pretty at good sharing. So, I've decided to share this product witth YOU!


These checklists pages are perfect for any type of Singing Audition.


Edit your Singing Audition Check Lists after downloading them straight from your computer. Or, put pen to paper and print an unlimited amount!


Here's the run down:

  • Fill in the 'Auditioning For' section with the name or type of Audition you are attending
  • Use the 'Date' & 'Time' section to make sure you don't turn up on the wrong date or incorrect time (I think we've all been there!)
  • Add your location and address 
  • Fill in the 'Musical Director' section so you know who is in the room when you walk in and crush your audition
  • Utilize the 'Checkbox' section however suits your specific audition 
  • Take advantage of the 'Don't Forget' & 'Note' section for all those Important things you'll need for your big day!


I hope these Singing Audition Check Lists make your day a little easier and ease those butterflies by helping you feel organized and prepared!

Singing Audition Check Lists